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Happy Galentine's

Gather all of your gals (Virtually) and have some fun on Galentine's Day today February 13.

It is a day to recognize the importance of your friendships, to notice, acknowledge and strengthen those bonds. Your friends are more then just someone to hang out with and do fun things with. A friends is someone you can share your dreams and ambitions with. A friend is someone that has your back no matter what. A friend is someone to make you laugh when you're feeling sad.

Did you know that having strong friendships is also good for your health?

Yep, you read that right! Having a good friend can give you a sense of belonging, lower your stress levels, amp up your self-confidence, and having a good friend or friends can help you live longer.

So today call up your gal pals and just have a chat, share fun memories, or just say hi and let them know you are thinking about them.

HAPPY GALENTINE'S from the Meraki Team

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