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Meraki Magazine is a quarterly digital and print publication that showcases international designers, creative editorial production from industry photographers and fashion-forward trendsetting brands, and giving youth a place to have a voice, share, create and motivate. 

Our Story


Valerie Torstenson

Editor in Chief / Creative Director and Photographer


“Hi, my name is Valerie and I have always had a love and passion for photography. 
I love getting an idea for a shoot or graphic design and letting my creativity flow. It is so much fun to see a vision come together.  When you are planning a photoshoot, you get complete creative control of how you want it to look. From the location to clothes and models, you get to decide. It's what I love to do; I get excited and can't wait to see the end product. Working with kids is amazing; they are always so in the moment and are usually up to try something new. 
I have been published for my photography & for my graphic designs.
I absolutely love doing both, and could never choose one over the other. ”






Photographer/Contributor/Co. Editor

Hi, My name is Alona Shestiuk, I am Russian. I am a self-taught photographer. My main focus is portrait photography but I LOVE fashion, so that plays a large part in influence my photography style. One of my favorite things about photography is looking at the back of my camera screen and seeing exactly what I created in my head come to life.



Kayla Cortes

Co. Editor

My name is Kayla and I have been involved in the entertainment industry for about six years now. I love all aspects of the industry; modeling, acting, voice-overs, auditioning, walking the runway, covering runway shows for magazines, meeting new people, traveling, and all that jazz. 

I aspire to be a Film Director, to make lots of new friends, and to succeed in this profession.


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