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FLUFF New Collection

FLUFF launches its collection of feather jackets and coats for women & Kids.

Flu young Polish brand launching a new unique style for this FW20.

A collection with the spirit of sustainable production for kids & woman

This season's new AW20/21 collection presenting a unique

style. Not only classic down-proof fabrics were used, but also

corduroy and Polish wool in combination with natural down. The

new collection shows us how innovative and imaginative the

brand is in creating new projects.

Natural down used in Flu`s product is antiallergic, certified and

it is a by-product of the production process. They also educate

their customers about how important is the responsible source of

down and feathers.

The brand started its journey in 2016 with the highest quality

winter kids collection filled with natural down. Flu decided to

combine original style, very high quality, lightness, and comfort

as well as unique colors. Due to the dynamic development of

the brand, new designs and also collections for adults were

created. Special attention deserves the innovative 3-in-1 maternity

product solution.

The brand follows fair trade practices and with particular accuracy

its supply chain to make it safe for the environment, workers, and consumers.

Its purpose is to nd solutions for the environment,

and consumers. Its purpose is to nd solutions to environmental

issues without causing unnecessary harm to the world. Flu uses

not only sustainably produced fabrics but also recycled

elements in production rubber accessories such as logos, zip

pendants that are additionally reactive to ensure the safety of

use. The paper used to make paper tags comes from recycling,

and they use only post-recycling boxes and biodegradable foil

for packaging.

The down and feathers used in their products are 100% responsible

and of ethical origin. They do not source down from live

animals or practice other harmful methods of obtaining it. The

natural down used in Flu's product is anti-allergenic,

the importance of responsible down and feather production is

included in all of their certified and recycled in the production

process. Information on the garments.


History of FLUFF:

Flu is a Polish brand that has been designing top-quality collections

since 2017. Flu's flagship product is made of carefully selected

natural anti-allergic down of the highest quality. Its collections

combine style and quality. They have a minimalist style,

versatile and original colors. They are fully aware that by creating

collections for children they are working for the most demanding

customer. They take care of every detail to oer them products

of the highest quality and to satisfy their expectations. In 2019

they have developed a collection for adults and a unique 3 in 1

maternity product. All their products are available in more than

20 countries around the world and they are especially

concerned about people and the planet. They follow the trend

of fair trade, all their production takes place in Poland and all the

components they use come from the European Union. It is very

important for them to use recycled elements in the production and

they are constantly looking for new solutions in this eld.

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