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Brand Feature: Meet Marie - BTS w/ Noyemi Pia

Meet Marie is a Colombian-based brand designed by Mary Meisel.

Mary creates simple, yet dynamic contemporary wardrobe pieces for teens.

Introducing Meet Marie Teens, a Colombian-born fashion label crafted by Mary Meisel. Mary's vision embodies simplicity and dynamism, crafting contemporary wardrobe essentials tailored for teenagers. Each piece reflects the essence of a modern, confident teen embracing her authenticity, exuding joy, and celebrating freedom.

At the core of Meet Marie Teens is a commitment to sustainability and ethics. Mary proudly utilizes responsibly sourced materials and employs handmade techniques, ensuring ethical manufacturing practices. Organic and sustainable fabrics like linen and cotton are embraced, aiming to infuse a soulful touch into every creation.

Featured in the editorial are selections from our Collection, renowned for its versatility and endless mix-and-match possibilities. Inspired by the contemporary young woman, the collection captures a sense of confidence and ease.

Worn by Noyemi Pia.

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