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Feature: Toco CanCan Book

Toco Can Can: and you can too! is an adventure story about a baby Toucan bird who flies around the world meeting new friends, learning about different cultures and exploring places like the Louvre in Paris and flying through The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. You and your little ones will love everything about this book. With vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling, Toco inspires young readers to go on their own adventures and discover the world around them.

 Toco Can Can: and you can too! explores learning new vocabulary, inclusivity, self-confidence, love and overcoming obstacles.

At the end of each destination, there is a vocabulary page featuring the book characters and new words to learn from that location.

ENGAGING AND EDUCATIONAL: Lyrical text makes reading this book fun to read aloud, while the story introduces new words, spelling, geography and educates about worldly culture.

Perfect for:

  • Children who love animals and love to learn new words

  • Children and parents who love to travel

  • Gift givers looking for a great newborn gift, birthday present for children

  • Add it to an Easter basket or Valentine’s Day gift

Publisher:  Little Birdies Publishing

 Written by: Shanlee Johnson, Illustrated by: Carolynn Lemke

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